A Few Colorful Spring DIY Projects

Finally it seems that Spring might really be here. We had snow flakes the size of potato chips yesterday but the sun is shining today and it has me thinking about Spring again. Last week I posted about Spring Colors and this week I’m ready to use them on some great projects I have seen all over Pinterest and some of my favorite blogs!

I have never been one of those “decorate for every holiday” people, mainly because my husband would go insane, but I do like to change out at least a few items around the house seasonally.

Spring DIY

Now the question is, where do I start? What fun projects do you have lined up around your house this Spring?

Check out the links below for instructions for all of these DIY projects!





1. Paper Dahlia Wreath by Love, Pomegranate House; 2.  Polka-Dotted Tiered Planeters by Positively Splendid; 3. Hanging Glass lanterns by Lowes Creative; 4. Fabric Scrap Wreath by Style Berry Blog; 5. Boxwood Wreath by Love Of Family & Home; 6. Tulip Wreath by The Frugal Homemaker; 7. Fabric Ball Wreath by Making it Fun; 8. Colorful Wood Placemat by Lowes Creative.

2 thoughts on “A Few Colorful Spring DIY Projects

  1. Oh Caroline! I am so glad I popped over to check out this post. First, thanks for featuring my tulip wreath 🙂 and that dahlia flower – amazing! and the hanging lanterns – I just passed up a box of old light gloves for like 50¢ at a yard sale that I wish I had grabbed now 😦 totally cool idea.

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